Life lately

Even though I haven’t written in a while, I definitely want to remember what we have going on right now (especially what little Maddy is up to!).

Maddy is running around and babbling very fast in her own language. She definitely knows what she is saying and gets very frustrated sometimes when we don’t understand what she wants. She understands what we are saying a lot of the time, she just can’t repeat back as much as we tell her :). She does know quite a few words in our language though. Some words she knows how to say are: mama, dada, pup pup (Max), kitty, more, nose, num num (food), baby, no, poo, whee!, clean, ball, bear, bye, get down (she said that to me the other day!), yeah, hello, hi, why, nose, amen, tummy, kiss, nice, baby, etc. I know there are more words that she can say that I’m just not thinking about right now.

Maddy loves to play outside. Being outside is probably one of her favorite things. She also LOVES nursery. Her first week there was amazing. She wanted to get down when I brought her in the nursery room and threw a fit when it was time to leave. She definitely still loves nursery, especially when they break out the bubbles. Some of her other favorite toys right now are her slide from Grandpa and Grandma Delano, her shopping cart from Grandma Bonnie, her rocking moose (from us) and her baby dolls. She is so gentle with her baby dolls (most of the time). One time, Josh was like, awww, you are being so nice to the baby! When he looked back at her, she was choking it. Luckily, we haven’t seen her do that since that one time.

This is definitely TMI, but she loves to tell me when she poops. When I go in her room after her nap (when she usually does), she says “Poo!!!” several times in a row. It’s hilarious. I hope it’s a sign that she will want to tell me when she needs to go potty and she will be easy to potty train (I’m getting my hopes too high, aren’t I?).

Maddy loves movies and we definitely have to limit them from her. She would watch them all day if we let her. Sometimes if she’s in a bad mood, I WANT to let her do it, but I won’t. So we do limit it. When I work from home on Tuesdays and if she is being hard, I will let her watch it more than normal so I can get work done. Her favorites right now are Monsters University and Despicable Me 2. She loves to dance to the songs from the movie, especially the song during the party on Monsters U and the Happy song on Despicable Me 2. Speaking of dancing, she just loves to dance. Period. It’s hilarious and cute. I put on music and let her dance to it a lot.

I’m seriously considering enrolling her in gymnastics once a week. I enrolled her in a free trial class at Madison Gymnastics and she had an absolute blast. It’s definitely not easier on me to take her to the class because I will have to get up earlier and start work sooner, and I have to follow her and make sure she is listening to the instructor during class (which she is obviously not great at doing right now). So, it’s a workout for me too. Plus, last time she threw a huge fit when we left. But, she was so brave and wanted to try the things the other kids were trying. Josh and I noticed a huge difference in how brave she was to try things at home after that class. She also loved it. So, I think we will try it. I think it will be good for her!

Right now, Josh and I are completely boring. I am still working at still like my job. I love the flexibility it gives me so I can be home with Maddy more than other jobs. I am also really loving decorating my home. Well, obsessed is probably more correct. Josh is still working at Mountain View hospital. He always has something going on like selling a snowmobile, or working on a pickup to trade. He likes to pile the projects on!

I’d like to say that I will blog again soon, but we all know that I probably won’t keep that promise. Haha!


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