We are a family of three (4 if you count our dog, Max!) and live in Rexburg, Idaho. Josh and I met in college about 6 years ago and decided to settle in Rexburg. We enjoy our lives here and the home town feel of the area we live in. We bought a home in June of 2010 and enjoy updating it and making it our own. Annica enjoys shopping, work, being with friends and family, but most of all her daugher Madelyn and her husband Josh. Josh enjoys hunting, fishing, and being with his family as well. Madelyn enjoys jumping and being with her mom and dad! Thanks for reading our blog, we hope you enjoy it!


Favorite Things: Annica, Madelyn, Max, Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Budgeting, Christmas Lights, Staying Home, Utopia, Snowmobiling, Risk, Basketball, Modern Family and naps.

Least Favorite Things:


Favorite Things: Josh, Madelyn, Max, Technology, her iPad, Shopping, Modern Family, Downton Abbey, Risk, Camping, Going Out, Traveling,

Least Favorite Things: Doing dishes or laundry,


Favorite Things: Mama, Daddy, Max, eating, squealing, jumping, talking, bath time, sleeping, her bird toy, her stuffed minnie mouse, pulling daddy’s arm hair, mama’s necklaces and earrings, and putting things in her mouth.

Least Favorite Things: Shots at the doctor’s office, laying on her tummy, being hungry or tired.


Favorite Things: Eating, Going for rides, being pet, laying on the guest bed or the couch while mom isn’t looking, walks, tug of war, keep away, and sleeping.

Least Favorite Things: Kitties, squirrels, strangers and baths


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