Life lately

Even though I haven’t written in a while, I definitely want to remember what we have going on right now (especially what little Maddy is up to!). Maddy is running around and babbling very fast in her own language. She definitely knows what she is saying and gets very frustrated sometimes when we don’t understand

Diet/Exercise Update #6

Even though I have not been blogging my diet and exercise updates as often as I did in the beginning, I am still going as strong as I was when I first started in November. Guess what? I made it to my pre-pregnancy weight last Monday. Wahoo! But, I am definitely not stopping here. My

Miss Maddy Lately

Well, I was hoping my next blog post of Madelyn would be her 6 month pictures that we got professionally taken. But I’m still waiting on those! It’s only been 2 weeks (and she told me it would be a few weeks), but I am just impatient. She was so good during her pics, I