Madelyn: 7 Months Old (Recap)

I realize that this post is late. Maddy turned 7 months old on December 30th! She is such a cute little bugger.

She definitely knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. She is a happy baby 99% of the time. But when something makes her mad, WATCH OUT. She’s MAD! She also does this hilarious scowl and this little huff. If you aren’t paying attention to her or if she doesn’t like what you are doing, she scowls and kind of breathes out hard, like she is saying “Mom, stop it.” This girl knows what she wants!

Give me the toy.

Give me the toy.

Last Monday, she got sick. Poor thing. This was her first real sickness. She had a cold last October, but this time she had the stomach flu. I don’t know how she would have gotten it. Oh well, I guess it makes them stronger in the long run? Anyway, on Monday (Jan 14), the power went out in Rexburg. It was hard for me to really get a lot of stuff done at work (and the power was not out at my house), so I picked Maddy up and went home. That afternoon, she started acting really sick. She didn’t want to eat or drink anything. I gave her Pedialyte a lot of the day and it kept her hydrated pretty well. She slept fine at night (thank goodness). I stayed home all week with her so we didn’t spread that stuff around. I was able to work from home on the days that she wasn’t wanting my attention all day. She was WAY better on Thursday and I feel 100% better on Friday.

Poor sick baby

Poor sick baby

She was happy when she got to see her Grandma Bonnie and meet her Uncle Jimmy for the first time over Christmas. Her Grandma and Grandpa Delano came and her Uncle Mark! She was sure spoiled with attention and loved every second of it. Her first Christmas was a success. Her favorite part of Christmas was opening her gifts and playing with the wrapping paper. Maddy LOVES paper. Doesn’t every baby? She gets such a kick out of it! It can keep her entertained for a long time.

Maddy loves to harass Max. Max will tolerate a lot too. Maddy will scoot over to where Max is sitting and play with his paws or pull on his tail. Max will put up with it for a while, then get up and walk away.

20130123 Android 943

She loves to EAT! She loves pretty much any solid food (Except the meat ones. And I don’t blame her. They smell disgusting). She loves her bottle. She gets one in the morning and at night always. She will get a couple throughout the day. She is up to eating solids 3-4 times a day. She also LOVES Gerber Rice Puffs. Those things are like candy to her. Max loves them too. He will always sit next to us when I am feeding them to her in case she drops one. Mom likes them too. 🙂

Maddy is SO CLOSE to crawling. She does an army crawl and lifts her leg up and pushes that one leg to move herself forward. She will also get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth. I’m not really in too big of a hurry for her to do this. I know the second she starts, our lives are really going to change again. We already have to be careful with what is on the floor (NOT used to that!!) because she can scoot so well. Crawling is only going to make her faster!

20130123 Android 496

She loves to be thrown in the air. I always count ONE…..TWO…..and on THREE!! I lift her up and throw her. When I start counting, she gets this HUGE grin on her face and has that same grin when I catch her.

Maddy LOVES her bink. She will find it in the morning or after a nap and put it back in her mouth. See what a good job she does? This is a picture after one of her little naps. 🙂

20130123 Android 258

She is GREAT at saying “Mama,” “Mom,” “Baba,” and “Dada.” Mama and Mom are her favorites. A week and a half ago, Josh and I went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I needed to go grocery shopping, but it was late so we decided that he would take Maddy home and I would stay in IF and shop. When I got home, Josh told me that Maddy was upset in the car. It was her bedtime. She was saying “Mamamama…” softly. Josh goes “What about dadadada?” I guess Maddy shrieked “MAMAMAMAMA!!!!” Hahaha. I’m glad she loves me. She loves her dad too though.

She also loves TV and movies. It’s nice when I am working at home. I can pop in a movie and be with her in the basement while I work. She’s right there across the room. 🙂

20130123 Android 957

Maddy – We LOVE you!


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